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“Autumn”-ing Your Way through India

While India may not have the gorgeous fall season with bright red and yellow leaves shedding in a merry way, autumn here is a wonderful season to bear witness to. With a number of festivals held across cultures through the country, the change in the weather marks a new season and new beginnings. Here are the five best destinations to head to that are perfect during this season:

Madhya Pradesh

The magical lands of Madhya Pradesh offer tourists an attractive plethora of versatile travel experiences. Whether you seek to embrace exotic wildlife experiences or view some national heritage sights, this destination offers it all. The glass temple and Lalbaugh palace in Indore make for a unique visit, while the city life here is thriving as ever. For those who are not faint at heart, venture into the haunted town of Mandu where ghosts roam abandoned palaces and ruins of royal buildings freely.

Bandhavgarh National Park Travel
Bandhavgarh National Park Travel

The Bandavgarh National Park boasts of tigers as well as an ancient fort that are an amazing place to spend a day at. You can even delve into history here at Gwalior where the renowned musician from Akbar’s court, Tansen lies at rest.


Gir Forest Lion Safari
Gir Forest Lion Safari

With an air of excitement and Diwali lights hanging everywhere, Gujarat is undoubtedly the best place to head to if you wish to indulge in the festive fervour. If you make it in time for the Rann Utsav, the Rann of Kutch is definitely the place to head to. With ancient buildings and a natural dessert backdrop, this place offers visitors a unique chance to make memories. For the nature enthusiasts, a Gir Safari where you can roam freely with the famous gold Asiatic lions is a day well spent. Sample some of the delicious seasonal delicacies when here, that are made from organic and seasonal produce, to help your body thrive in the local climate. Indulge the historian in you as you uncover the secrets of the Harappan Civilisation at Lothal that lies a few kilometres away from Ahmedabad.

The Andaman Islands

The Andaman’s are a well-guarded secret of India. The archipelagos of the Andaman’s in the Bay of Bengal share a deep history with India. With Japanese bunkers and British blocks, these lands have been closely linked along with the Indian freedom struggle movement. While they are famous for their white sand beaches and blue waters where one can enjoy some world class scuba diving, their shorelines offer a serene relaxing spot as well. Once a political jail where many freedom fighters were imprisoned Port Blair is now a haven for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. The Andamans are also known to house some limestone caves and such natural wonders that make for a great trekking option!


These destinations are not crowded and offer the perfect weather during the autumn season for both Indian as well as foreign travellers. With the innumerable activities and attractions one can enjoy, selecting tour packages in India for autumn will be a breeze!


If you plan on visiting parts of India during the fall, this blog lists out some of the must visit destinations during this time of the year.


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