Party Destinations

Best Indian Cities for Amazing Nightlife Experience

While posters and alerts of Indian tourism companies may picturise scenic and natural destinations in India, a number of cities boast of a thriving nightlife. Unique experiences and crazy destinations await those who seek to attend a mad party.


Places to Head to for an International Level Party in India

Partying in Mumbai, the City that Never Sleeps

Popular for a number of things, Mumbai also boasts of a bustling nightlife. While the days here may be hectic and full of people rushing off to work, the nights see people living it up with equal passion. Competing with international destinations such as L.A. or Berlin, Mumbai offers sophisticated scenes with a vast number of distinctive experiences. Ranging from small bars and pubs to five star hotels with impressive lounges, the glamorous city’s nightlife is equally bright. Lively and infectious, the crowded and trendy places in Mumbai will leave you feeling exhilarated. The city also has a number of international Deejays and artists flying in to play live.

The Maximus Delhi

The capitol city, Delhi is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy nightlife in. with young locals and seasoned tourists alike, this city has a party vibe that is welcoming to diversity. Considerably cheaper than Mumbai, Delhi too offers a number of attractive pubs and bars that are amazing to visit. The renowned Connaught Place in Delhi is home to a number of clubs and bars that are at walking distance, making it easy to go from one place to another.

The Psychedelic Goa

Goa has been the foremost party city of the country. Known for the high influx of foreigners and upper society people, this city has a number of festivals and events that attract crowds. The city itself has a history of partying that dates back half a century when hippies originally started settling down on the beaches here. Along with them came a nightlife scene that hasn’t stopped since then. Thousands of electronic dance music and psychedelic trance enthusiasts make their way to Goa to for the beach parties and outdoor music festivals. There are also classier venues and pubs that offer reliable nightlife scenes. Whether you are celebrating the setting sun, full moon or a new dawn, there will always be a place to party in Goa. You can even make the most of this location with a honeymoon package for Goa that allows you to indulge in the typical local lifestyle of enjoying.

Living the International Life in Bangalore

As the city of Bangalore steadily developed into a technological hub, a number of young and enthusiastic people started calling it home. While whiskey is the most popular drink for a number of Indians, this city is a modern one that sees beer chugging nightlife culture. While a number of the good pubs and lounges are located inside five star properties, they can be accessed by non-residents as well. However, if you do not wish to stick to one place for the whole night, head over to the populous M.G. road that houses over 50 pubs in a row.


While partying may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Jaipur, the nightlife scene here is as good as any other city. With a relaxed vibe, parties here are often held on sprawling properties and hotels. However, the Pink City does have a number of pubs and restaurants that are worthy of praise.

Whether you are a local or a foreigner, a solo traveller or a couple on a honeymoon, travelling around and partying in India is an exciting way to discover the region!

While the country has not been regarded as a party destination on the global map, here are some attractive destinations that offer the best underground as well as nightlife scenes for the clubbing enthusiasts!


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