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How to Beat the Jet Lag in Tourists?

Travelling is all the more fun without the blues of Jet lag. However, the lazy lags are part of international travelling which can hamper your travelling vigor to some extent. Especially for the countries which are on the opposite sides of the globe for example India and USA on different time zones of about 10 hours lag. Indians sleep when Americans are awake and vice versa. It is the same with the European countries of a difference of about 5 hours approximately. If it is for a long stay in either of these countries, it can be adjusted over time. However, if it is for a tourist, it can be menacing to the entire experience and the poor traveler may fall sleepy at the Mumbai foreign exchange agent’s counter itself.

beat the Jet lag in tourists

The grappling biorhythmic chaos can be dealt if certain precautions are taken and let us quickly go through few of them.

Take ample rest before leaving: If you had to go for a USA trip or a UK trip, take ample rest before you leave to the airport as things turn indefinite due to the Jet lag and you never know when you will be able to sleep after you step out of your home. A good sleep will also ensure a healthy status keeping you fit to tackle the lagging time zone issues.

Reset your time in flight journey: Although nap is good in journeys, limit your sleep to a few hours to be functional on the day you reach. When time adjustments are announced, reset both your watch and your mind. Don’t compel yourself to remind your mind what time is it back home. Be in realty. Be a Roman in Rome!! Don’t calculate your dollars in rupees either.

Sleep at local bed time after reaching: After reaching, do not try to sleep at your biological clock’s suggestion. Try to adjust on the initial day and wake till the local bed time. Your mind may plead you for a sleep but don’t pamper. Refuse your mind with a blunt no. But you can go to sleep little early that is around 7 PM to adjust your body clock to the local timings. However, you may end up waking at 3 or 4 AM. But don’t worry; you will adjust in a couple of days. Force yourself some good movies or a tour plan then. Who knows? This is probably the best sun rise ever in that place!! Don’t miss it!!

Find Jet lag partners to kill time: Try to find few other people who have the same problem. Tell each other your stories to entertain each other. Make sure they are not boring enough and induce more sleepiness.

Keep yourself mentally excited: The moment you are off the plane, consider the fact that you have started off with your expedition. Keep your eyes open to explore the new world around. This excitement keeps you awake and don’t let the jet lag feeling or physical fatigue take a toll on your mental quickness. I am sure a traveler at heart can beat all the physical blues to be explorative.

Consider Jet lag medications: If you still are unable to wind up the internal clock in you and have chaotic days and nights, don’t spoil your trip. Get the medicines out to deploy them to leave the Jet lag behind and get a breakthrough travel experience as it is not worth wasting time on a travel trip. However, the medications option should be the concluding one and is suggested after the natural procedures are tried and failed.

You can however find your own ways of busting jet lag and let us know from your experiences. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy your trip without any interference.


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