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Enthralling beauties in Rajasthan holiday packages

We heard of Rajasthan and its lifestyle ever since our childhood about the sand dunes, fortresses, majestic camels in the dates grooves, Aravali mountain ranges, oasis fooling on to be waterbeds, the colorful folk culture, the traditional art crafts, the royal food and the mouth watering sweets etc. but have we ever witnessed the royal panache of the state. Rajasthan is the best Indian state to showcase their country culture on the international threshold as well. We might have heard many international celebrities organizing their marriage venues in the royal forts of Rajasthan and with this; we can understand the state’s commitment to offer the best for tourists.  Rajasthan holiday packages offer a visual treat and ignite the zeal for royal living in each one of you. Trinity world holidays offer huge information and craft exclusive Rajasthan holiday packages for national as well as international travelers.


Pink city Jaipur
Pink city Jaipur

Fondly called as the pink city, Jaipur showcases its wide range of constructions in the exclusive saffron colored architectures in an unmatchable manner. The royal fortress, historical monuments, temples resonating spiritual aura, manicured gardens in the deserted soil, historical museums and huge market places of Jaipur offer tourists to experience the pungent food, and frolic in the amazing city.


Sun city Jodhpur
Sun city Jodhpur

Known as the Sun City for its vibrant sunlight round the year, the second most populated city of Rajasthan is just 250 KM away from the Indo-Pakistan border. Palaces and hill forts are the most exclusive elements of the city and has always topped the charts of the best tourist destinations in the Asian cities. Shopping retails have to offer a lot to the tourists showcasing the arts and country crafts to the white metal pieces which are irresistible for any tourist.


Golden City Jaisalmer
Golden City Jaisalmer

The Rajasthan holiday package includes the golden city reputedly known for its golden sand dunes and the fortresses constructed with the typical Jaisalmeri sands is situated in the heart of Thar Desert and offers visual treats of the most famous sand dunes and desert life of Rajasthan. The folk dances in the royal sands amidst the forts have been attracting the tourists and hence stand top amongst the vivacious cities of Jaipur.


Udaipur - Best Rajasthan holiday

Known as the Venice of the East, the city of Udaipur has enthralling water beds and lakes being one of the resourceful cities of Rajasthan. The forts converted into royal hotels are the main attractions of the city. Being in the foothills of the amazing Aravali mountain ranges, the city has to offer scenic beauty to its visitors. The shopping destinations attract international tourists for their folk art crafts, tie and die apparel, traditional jewelry and bangles, white metal pieces, blankets and carpets and many more.

Tour packages for Rajasthan from Trinity World Holidays make you a wanderer at heart with accomplishing one of the finest travelling memories for you in the stride of royal glitter and folk culture in the perfect concoction. Get the regal touring experience by visiting every nook and corner of Rajasthan to cherish for life!!


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