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Unravel the beauty of the North East of India

The North-east of India in the recent past has only begun to be explored. The Seven Sisters is nothing short of paradise. Hills, waterfalls, rivers, etc one can find all this here. If you’re a couple intent on going to the north-east try out the North-East honeymoon packages. Here are some places which one can go to—


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Located in Sikkim, the tranquillity in this city will make you feel as if you’re in a dream. At an altitude of 5,500 feet Gangtok is like a breath of fresh air. Since the 90s it has also been a popular tourist attraction, as a result one does find pretty good hotels and eating joints. If you’re an adventure fan Gangtok is the place to be. Some of its major attractions are Ridge Park, Hanuman Tok and Ganesh Tok.  They are also great for trekking and rock climbing. A cable car ride is very popular amongst tourists. A visit to Tashi View Point is a must.


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The Scotland of the East—Shillong. Situated at an altitude of roughly 1,491 m in the state of Meghalaya this scenic city lets your lungs breathe. Completely out of a movie one sees mountains, waterfalls, lakes etc. Waterfalls are a pretty big attraction in Shillong. There are no fewer than three waterfalls, namely Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls and Elephant Falls.  Boating is a popular activity there during to the presence of Ward’s Lake it is allowed. For flower fans the Lady Hydari Park is a must see. If you fancy a game of golf there’s the Shillong Golf Club.  Going to Shillong means a visit to Shillong Peak—a splendorous place.

Dzukou Valley

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Valley of the Celestial Charm. One of Nagaland’s major tourist hotspots. In fact if you and your newly married wife want some time to yourselves go for a visit to the Dzukou Valley. Situated about 25 kilometres away from Kohima, Nagaland’s capital, one finds peace and quiet and one can also admire lilies and rhododendrons seen there. For those like some physical activity this is a good trekking spot.  Adding more mystery to this place is the presence of caves.  Beautiful green meadows will want make you remain here forever. To get to Dzukuo Valley one has to first drive to Seikhakie. Dzukuo Valley is best visited between June and July.

Ziro Valley

This is a famous tourist spot and well-known hill station in Arunachal Pradesh. It is also the centre of the well-known Ziro music festival.  Due to this tourist presence has increased and as a result more and more hotels are coming up. The Ziro Valley takes one back to the peace and tranquillity of farming life, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Paddy fields, bamboo and pine groves and flowers takes one’s breath away. A photographer’s delight.  Dolo Mando, a hillock, is apt for trekking. Other attractions are Talley Valley and Kile Pakho.

The North east of India is pristine in every sense. Once, if not more than that, it definitely cries out to be visited. Do so!

The North-East of India has the potential to be one of the country’s major tourist hotspots.


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