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Exploring the Best Beaches in Maharashtra

Few people relate to Maharashtra as the land of beaches. While most tourists would prefer exploring Goa and Kerala when looking for a good coastal vacation, Maharastrha too, has its fair share of beaches that are rather untouched and unexplored.


If you are adventurous, consider snorkeling and and other ocean side activities during your time here. Make Mumbai city your base and venture on a memorable adventure of exploring the coastal life through its sights, its food and its activities.

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Connect with a reliable tours and travels in Mumbai for recommendations on the best beaches in Maharashtra.

  • Ganapatiphule Beach

If you want to experience peace sitting on a beautiful beach far from the madding crowd, choose to visit Ganapatiphule beach. The beach is serene with the coconut and palm trees lining it. Breathe in some fresh air sitting on the white sands espying the azure sea.

If you are religious-minded, do visit the Swayambhu (self-originated) Ganesh temple.  While coming back, treat yourself with the lip-smacking local delicacies. The local cuines including Ambapoli (pancakes), Phanspoli (pancakes made out of Jackfruit), fish curry accompanied by the KokamKadi( a juice) taste great.

  • Dahanu-Bordi

Located about 145 kilometres away from Mumbai, Dahanu-Bordi is famous for activities like gliding and kite flying. The large number of Chikoo orchards is another highlights of this beach.  One needs to go across the Sahyadri Mountain range to visit this picturesque. The adventurous tourists come here to trek on Mahalaxmi, Asherigad, Bahrot, and Kahoj hills.

  • Juhu Beach

Juhu beach is one of Mumbai’s most frequented beaches. Thousands of people flock to this beach every day.  If you are in Juhu beach, do not miss out gulping down bhelpuri. Also, there are several food stalls selling ice-cream and other refreshments.

You can try out horse riding on the ebach for recreation. Many movies have been shot in this beach. If you are fortunate enough, you may find an upcoming movie being shot on this beach.The area around Juhu is very posh  with the homes of some Bollywood celebrities  nearby.  Beautiful bungalows, hotels and apartments can be viewed from the beach.

  • ShriwardhanHarihareshwar Beach

Situated near the Konkan border, this beach is the favourite of the tourists who enjoy peace. he beach has acquired its name from the town—Harihareshwar. The weather here is always pleasant. The peaceful surroundings of this beach make it the perfect place for yoga and meditation. There are also many eating joints in and around the beach. Freshly caught crabs and lobsters are very popular among the tourists.  

  • Tarkali Beach

This is located about 546 kilometres away from Mumbai. The Karli river flows very near the beach. While sitting on the beach, you would love watching the boats sailing across the sea. Tourists visiting this beach participate in water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling.  If you want to soak in the sun, this beach is perfect. Popular attractions near this beach include the Sindhudurg Fort and the Padmagarh Fort.

The next time you have a weekend off head to these beaches in Maharashtra.

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Maharashtra is the home to some of the best beaches of the country.  Read this article to know about the most popular Maharashtra beaches.



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