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Looking For An Adventurous Honeymoon? Goa Is Your Destination

Goa is a beautiful land for a vacation, and it becomes special when you share this as a Honeymoon with your partner. The state is known for its magnificent beaches, historic marvels, and pristine beauty. Apart from that, one can enjoy an adventurous tour into the rocky landscape or spend a knowledgeable weekend strolling through museums and churches.

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For the adventurous couples are looking forward to planning their honeymoon here and scrolling through honeymoon package for Goa make sure you have these activities in the itinerary.

A romantic morning or evening on the beach

Goa Beaches

Goa has a wonderful collection of gorgeously mesmerising beaches within its boundaries, and spending a lovely time strolling through the sand, hand in hand with your partner and admiring the beauty of place while cherishing the beauty of your relationship, nothing can get better than this. You could sit play around in the waters or simply relax by the shore and share memories.

Thrilling water sports by the beach

Goa Water sports-2

Nothing can beat the adrenaline rush one can feel while enjoying the water sports. In Goa, you can find a considerable collection of exciting water adventures like surfing, jet skiing, snorkelling, yachting, parasailing and more. There are countless destinations here in Goa where you can find these attractions available at nominal prices. Just make sure you know a little swimming before you step into these waters.

River rafting at the Mandovi River

River Rafting on Mandovri river

The Mandovi River of Goa is a lovely destination to witness the beauty of nature and to couple it with the enthralling river rafting. The rafting through the twists and turns, bumping in the rapids of the River is an amazing experience to live. If you are really for some excitement, you should definitely sign up for this together.

Trekking by the Dudhsagar Falls

Trekking at Dudhsagar Waterfalls

The Dudhsagar Falls is among the highly recommended tourist hotspot in Goa and is admired for its fascinating beauty, the adventurous trek in its vicinity and the breath-taking views one can enjoy from the top of the falls. If you are in a mood for some fun and excitement, tag along and enjoy by the fall and create some cherishing memories travelling through the dense forests, laying eyes upon the exotic wildlife and flora.

How about a romantic morning flying high in the sky

Hot Air Ballon Ride in Goa

While on your honeymoon, you could definitely go for the Hot Air balloon ride with your partner and enjoy the scenic views of this coastal state. It is surely romantic, sharing these moments with your partner, holding each other close and enjoying a peaceful ride.

ATVs can be so much fun


The Goan terrain is perfect to go out on an ATV expedition. Riding on this beast, hoping through the rocky and bumps, drifting through the sands can be time well spent. Gun the engine and rush through the rough terrain designed to add to your experience. The ride is worth the money you spend on it and is definitely a ‘let’s try it again’ thing.

Dolphins are such lovely creatures


There might be no one who wouldn’t second the fact that dolphins are super cute and fun to watch. In Goa, you get the chance to see them up close and create some wonderful memories with these wonderful mammals. So, if you and your partner are up for it, sign in and go out for a dolphin watch.

Goa is undoubtedly a lovely place to plan your honeymoon at. Secondly, there are numerous options suiting the demands for all types of visitors, be it nature lovers, be it the party people, or be it adventure seekers; Goa has everything you can ask for.

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