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Enthralling beauties in Rajasthan holiday packages

We heard of Rajasthan and its lifestyle ever since our childhood about the sand dunes, fortresses, majestic camels in the dates grooves, Aravali mountain ranges, oasis fooling on to be waterbeds, the colorful folk culture, the traditional art crafts, the royal food and the mouth watering sweets etc. but have we ever witnessed the royal…… Continue reading Enthralling beauties in Rajasthan holiday packages

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“Autumn”-ing Your Way through India

While India may not have the gorgeous fall season with bright red and yellow leaves shedding in a merry way, autumn here is a wonderful season to bear witness to. With a number of festivals held across cultures through the country, the change in the weather marks a new season and new beginnings. Here are…… Continue reading “Autumn”-ing Your Way through India